Laura Rixham

I have been training dogs since before I can remember. My first dog was a Labrador Retriever that my family acquired because we didn't have room for a horse! As a 4Her, I showed "Bacchus" in obedience and seem to remember some conformation shows. Fast forward after graduating college and living on my I became fascinated with dachshunds .... big dog in a small package. This was the perfect breed for me at the time because I lived overseas on a military base and "Kiwi" racked many frequent flyer miles traveling with me. I took Kiwi to a puppy training class offered by the Recreation Department on base and we received the "Top Puppy" award. That was it, I was hooked. We moved to Savannah, Georgia where I met Carol Mett and started formally training Kiwi for Novice Obedience. Kiwi was my Novice A dog and I learned so much from her and probably made a lot of mistakes. We competed in Rally back when it was an exhibition event. Sadly her obedience career ended with a dachshund back injury. She was trained through Utility but never competed. When she passed away at nearly 16 years of age my family wanted to try a different breed. Not wanting to leave the Hound Group I considered a Greyhound. Then I met a Whippet and the rest as they say is history and now I have 3 whippets in my pack. Rascal is my first whippet and my bestest boy. Together we have learned new positive training methods and are proud to show others that sighthounds can do it all. We compete in Obedience and Rally and in 2021 Rascal and I will be competing in Rally Nationals in the Master Class. Jack is my middle child and has earned the nicknames Wacky Jacky and Jack Sprat. He is an AKC Conformation Champion ... in the beginning handled by yours truly and shown and finished by a professional handler. Jack also competes in Obedience and Rally. In 2020 Jack and I competed in Rally Nationals in the Novice class. Baby sister Molly is currently working on AKC Conformation title but is going be an obedience star because she loves to sit in the Conformation ring! Molly will be my foundation bitch for my whippet breeding program "Rellim". I am a junior judge for the online titling venue Cyber Rally-O and I'm working on completing the requirements for my AKC Rally Judges License. I am excited about this opportunity to share my love of training with others. I believe that all dogs can learn, some just learn differently. I'm looking forward to helping folks and their dogs become the best team. My crew past and present: CH Enterprise "Bacchus" Cosmopolitan Kiwi, CD "Kiwi" Snowcap's Little Rascal, CD, RM, RAE, CGCA, TKN "Rascal" CH Snowcap's N' Stoneledge Gentleman Jack, BN, RI, CGCA, TKN "Jack" Phasion's Beyond Blessed at Rellim "Molly 

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