Instructor Scent Work

Martha Windisch

Martha Windisch CPDT-KA CNWI and ownerof Personalized Dog Training LLC has been involved intraining dogs for over 20 years.  Through her in-homebusiness, she teaches pet owners how to betterGood Citizen evaluator and also trains Home CompanionDogs and does Service Dog follow-up through the Divisionof Developmental Disabilities.  She currently has threeGolden Retrievers, Spring, Melt and Sadie Nell. She competes with/trains her Goldens in obedience, rally, hunt tests, agility, tracking and K9 Nose Work.  Sadie has recently started Dock Diving.  Her various Goldens through the years have earned hunt test titles up to MH, obedience titles including UDX and 98 OTCH points, tracking titles including TDX, rally titles up to RE, agility titles up to AX and AXJ and a NW2 K9 Nose Work title.Martha is a CNWI (Certified Nose Work Instructor) through the NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work), the organization which developed the sport of K9 Nose Work (  Martha also competes in Nose Work trials.  Martha’s Golden, Spring has earned her NW2 title, Melt has earned his N1 title and Sadie has earned her L1 Container title.  From her childhood game of teaching her shepherd-collie mixes to follow looping hotdog trails to a piece of hidden hotdog, to her AKC tracking experience and working with friends whose German Shepherds were being trained for search and rescue and as cadaver dogs, plus the find-the-hidden-toy games her Goldens love to play at home, she knows that dogs love to play games using their amazing sense of smell.  She likes that Nose Work can be taught both inside and outside and unlike tracking does not require large fields.  She also likes that Nose Work requires no prerequisite training, can be played either for fun or with the goal of competing in trials, is good for old dogs (i.e. dogs that are retired from other sports), young dogs (a great way to socialize a puppy and teach a fun game that can be used for life), dogs that need to build confidence (hunting games aregreat confidence builders) and for dogs that need an energy outlet (Nose Work is a great energy outlet due to the problem-solving the dog has to do).  Martha teaches K9 Nose Work®️ at Clever K9 because she enjoys helping students discover the new sport/activity with their dogs.  She also enjoys helping students learn to observe their dogs’ sometimes subtle body language while finding the hidden scent.CNWI™:Certified Nose Work Instructors may use the acronym, CNWI™, following their name toindicate that they have met the instructor certification requirements.  CNWI™ are required to maintain continuing education in order to maintain a current certification status.  Eachinstructor may have their own class requirements and structure since they operate under their own businesses and are not employed through the NACSW™

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