Agility Instructor and Behaviorist

Michael Borga

I am a Graduate of Starmark Academy school for professional dog trainers in Hutto Texas. Starmark is an intensive dog training program, including a balanced training approach useful for a variety of different training applications. Training at Starmark includes the teaching and rehabilitation of multiple shelter dogs. While at Starmark I worked with extremely aggressive shelter dogs. This experience has lead me to a special interest in behavior modification, and management of problematic canine behaviors in and outside of the home environment.I have been training dogs since I was 10 years old.I trained my first dog to a canine good citizen,then to a therapy dog certification and then went onto train and compete with her in agility. I showed myfirst dog as a junior handler in the conformation ring.I have competed in AKC agility competitions at the local,national and international level, from novice, throughMasters and Premier. I currently enjoy competing in agility and training other handlers to compete in thesport of agility from beginning through the Masters Level.I chose to become a professional dog trainer when I saw how many people required help with their dog's training. I attended Starmark Academy in Texas to learn about dog behavior and motivation. This intensive educational experience gave me a well rounded understanding of dogs and dog training, and specifically in regards to canine behavior and how to solve behavior issues. I am always distressed when I hear stories about dogs having long term behavior issues and ending up in rescues because the owner was unable to manage their dog. I enjoy training and helping people live happily with their dog. .I find helping people with competition dogs achieve and succeed to the best of their abilities very rewarding!