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Agility Class Schedule

*All Classes held indoors in Toms River.     *Private lessons held outdoors in Pedricktown.  All sessions run for 6 weeks

Clever K9  2021 Agility Schedule

Tuesdays starts 6/21/22 Indoors Toms River

Tuesdays 11:30-12:30 pm Agility for Fun INDOORS  ( Foundation agility for fun basics) w/ Jill Bergmann $150.  This class is a continuation of a fun foundation class to introduce you and your dog to the fun world of agility.  You will learn basic handling skills and all the foundation steps to get started playin in agility.  Recalls, jumping, contact training, waits are incorporated.  8 dog limit. 

Wednesdays Outdoors Pedricktown
Private lessons with Ann Scripko.  Outdoors in South Jersey.  Email Ann Scripko

Thursdays Indoors Toms River  starts 6/30/22
Thursdays 6:15-7:30  Masters Agility Skills w/Ann Scripko.  
This class will focus on Advanced handling skills.  Each week we will focus on a different skill.  Handling skills for weave pole entries, box work, threadles, crosses, 180's, 270's, serpentines and international turns.

Fridays Indoors Toms River starts 6/10/22

Fridays 6:00-7:00 pm Novice  Agility II w/ Michael Borga $145 

Friday 7:15 -8:15 pm Beginner Agility (intro class)  w/ Michael Borga

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