Linda Solakian

I have been a student of CleverK9 since 2010. I have three labs that are involved in many different activities that are taught in CleverK9's classes. I have had dogs all my life but when I retired in 2009, I decided I wanted to become more active in training my dog and signed up for obedience classes. I was impressed at how smart dogs really are, which is something you really don't know until you work with a dog.  Someone suggested that I try agility and I did and became an addict. Ann is always so patient with her students (and boy did I drive her crazy) and knowledgeable of the different breeds of dogs and knows exactly how your dog can perform. I was so impressed that I adopted my brother's dog and also trained him at the same time. From there, I went on to Rally, tricks, freestyle dance and Scentwork, all taught at CleverK9. It didn't stop there. I adopted another puppy and began training him in all of the above also. Ann brings all her students into a family type of training where you meet so many wonderful and friendly people and dogs. I became a part of her family both personal and professional. I am still training at CleverK9, 11 years later and all of my dogs love going there and doing their "work". We compete in all of the venues and three of them have obtained their master level in agility, and two in rally, scentwork, tricks, etc. I plan to continue to take classes there for as long as possible. It is my home away from home and a big part of my life. Linda Solakian with Brody, CJ and Declan

Denise Beyer

I have been training with Ann for many years with all my dogs. She is very patient with me and all her students, giving individually tailored instruction for handling your dog to each student in her group classes. She is persistent and clear. Ann will work with you to the level of perfection you ask her to, whether to get that OTCH or simply qualify towards your title. Denise

Jean Schaardt

My name is Jean Schaardt. I've been training my dogs at Clever K9 since the fall of 2014. First, some background.. I had done conformation & obedience with a few dogs while living in Texas. But a change in life brought me to New Jersey, and a busy work schedule kept me from pursuing my hobby any further.Then in January of 2014, I retired, and decided to take up my dog showing hobby again. I got 2 new dogs... one a show quality puppy Havanese, Daisy. The other was an 8 year old rescue Yorkie mix, Coco. I began training in my backyard, as I was "out of the loop" and didn't really know where to go. And I didn't plan on showing Coco anyway. Then I heard of a conformation class at Clever K9, so I brought Daisy, the Havanese there.Once there, I saw what a great facility it was, and how many types of classes there were, so I contacted Ann Scripto to see if I could bring Coco to a Novice class. I explained she was an 8 year old mixed breed, and I was doing it just for fun. Ann was so patient & understanding, and she worked so well with Coco. She suggested I show Coco at least in Novice, and perhaps Rally. I did, and the list of her accomplishments is amazing for an 8 year old rescue. Of course, I also started training Daisy there in obedience & rally as well. I love my Thursday's at Clever K9. The people there have become my friends. Sometimes we travel or meet at shows together. It is the highlight of my life. The titles my dogs have earned while training at Clever K9 with Ann's (or Rhona's) assistance include: Coco: 2015: Rally Advanced, Companion Dog (CD), Therapy Dog Novice, Graduate Novice. 2016:Preferred Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent (CDX), Rally Excellent, Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE), 2017: participant in Rally National Championship at Champion level, Therapy Dog, Acheiver Dog Daisy :2015:Breed Champion 2016: Breed Grand Champion, Rally Novice 2017: Rally Advanced, Rally Excellent,, Beginner Novice, Preferred Companion Dog, Companion Dog (CD), Acheiver Dog 2018: Companion Dog Excellent (CDX), Rally Master, 2019: Rally Master 2, 3 & 4, Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) &2, Rally Champion (RACH) 2020: participation in Rally National Championship at Champion level, AKC RNC Top Havanese Gold Medallion winner  

Wendy Kinnear

I first happened into Clever K9 on a recommendation of a friend. I had retired from 30 years of teaching kids and was now ready for the next chapter of my life, training my Toy Poodle Annie for obedience competition. I was looking for a knowledgeable trainer to help us over the hump that we were stuck behind. Little did I know then that my relationship with Clever K9 and more specifically Ann Marie Scripko would grow to be steadfast. I also did not know, but quickly discovered, that the Mid-Atlantic Region had Nationally known trainers and Ann, in my opinion, is one of the best. So, 10 years ago I put my trust in Ann’s knowledge and abilities as a trainer and never looked to anyone else. She displays tremendous patience as a trainer and has a keen eye to help you improve on the different skills need to succeed. She knows how to start an 8 week old puppy and slowly build skills necessary for both you and your dog to compete in Rally, Obedience and Agility competitions. No matter what your goals or aspirations might be, Ann has the knowledge, the enthusiasm and the patience to get you where you want to go. I have had the honor of competing at the highest level and at national competitions with two of my dogs. Now I am starting another dog at the Beginner Novice level with Ann’s guidance. Ann is great at taking a skill and breaking them down into the smallest components and then teaching each part, so that when the skill is built back to its entirety you can be sure that you and your dog are performing that skill correctly. I have the high regards for all the instructor at Clever K9. And for Ann, I hold her in the highest esteem as a person, a trainer and especially as a friend. My journey through obedience training has been wonderful and I cannot wait to see where Ann leads me and my dogs in the future. 

Maggie Quigley

I have been training my dogs with Ann Scripko at Clever K-9 for 14 years. She has helped me to set goals for my dogs and establish a step by step training plan to achieve those goals. Ann is a very positive and patient teacher. She focuses intuitively, on what each dog and handler needs to work on, to form the bond needed to make a successful team. I have trained three dogs in agility, obedience and rally. She always makes learning challenging and fun. My youngest dog Finn is from Ann and Mike Scripko’s breeding of Whim and Blink. Ann and the entire Scripko family gave these pups all the love, care, attention and training needed, to send healthy, happy and loving pups to their new homes. Finn has brought so much joy to my life. I thank Ann every day for having the faith to trust me with this amazing dog. Whether you want to increase the bond you and your pet or train to compete in agility or obedience, Ann and the knowledgeable trainers at Clever K-9, can help you to achieve your goals.
Maggie Quigley
Clever K-9’s Fenian CGCA TKI RN Bright and Beautiful Therapy dog
Lucy AX AXJ OF At the Rainbow Bridge 

Jill Nydam

Looking back five years ago I had never taken more than a basic dog training class. I was then introduced to my first agility class having no prior experience or knowledge of the sport. Classes at Clever K-9 soon became my favorite part of the week as I loved the new bond I developed with my dog through our training. I then went on to take basic obedience, attention, good canine citizen and therapy dog classes. Ann has helped me grow from a complete beginner not knowing a frame from a weave to feeling comfortable in participating in agility trials. This was no minor task. Ann’s patience and encouragement was the reason I was able to get there. Not only is she able to improve and teach me skills from an objective standpoint but she is able to help me develop our own techniques that make my dog and me a cohesive team. She is caring, kind and always positive. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of dog training. It is partly because of Ann and the confidence that she instills in people and dogs that I now have three labradoodles all which I plan to show in agility. I highly recommend Ann and Clever K-9. Jill Nydam 

Peggy Schoen

I have been training with my dog(s) for many years with Ann. She is a great teacher, trainer and a friend. Ann is able to help her students and their dog(s) become a team. She has the ability to know how to teach the student to help their dog(s) master an exercise. If one method doesn’t work for the pair Ann finds an alternative method. Her patience and dedication to her students is exceptional. I am proud to call Ann my trainer and friend.
Peggy Schoen
At the Rainbow Bridge: Harley, CD, RN, TDI, CGC (12/05/03-03/12/16) Aurora, NA, NJ, OA, OJ (11/20/99-12/26/10) Matawan, CGC (05/25/94-01/14/04) Kelly (Gotcha Day 01/13/92-11/02/98) Jingles (Gotcha Day 12/86-11/08/91)   

Jan Easterbrook

Students: Cap’n Jack and Kiss Me Kate – Labrador Retrievers
Handler:Jan Easterbrook
We have been Ann’s Clever K-9 students since 2017. When Kate came-of-age we entered the AKC Star Puppy Classes. Kate was the first Labrador Retriever of many in my lifetime that really challenged me. Puppy classes became the start of her obedience training. From there we worked our way to Novice, Open. Jack, not wanting to be left out, joined us in Novice and Open classes. It is important to note, that when I started “school” with both my Labs, it was to keep them busy and engaged in learning. Our first love is Hunting/Retrieving, and Obedience was just a “plus” in their education. I never intended to compete in any AKC obedience events and said so from the start. Then I heard from Jack’s breeder who wanted to include Jack in honoring his sire, Ranger, in a Versatile Retriever Event in Maryland. Jack already had several titles in NAHRA and had his JH in AKC….he just needed an AKC Obedience title. Since Jack is getting on in years, I thought Rally might be something we could both participate in and gain a Novice title. The Rally classes commenced. Jack was ready for the Virtual Rally program until the day of testing when he was not feeling well. We were all set to pass on the test when Ann suggested I run Kate. She had never been in Rally before, but Ann had faith in her obedience skills. We passed three of the required Novice Rally tests and she got her Title. She received an invitation to the Nationals this year. Jack still needed an AKC title. Ann was diligent and supportive, as were our fellow classmates, resulting in his being awarded his AKC Novice title last year, with nice scores, and two special awards from Lower Camden County Dog Training Club. Jack is a happy and healthy eleven-year-old with a full life of hunting/retrieving and obedience. Kate is now a four-year-old, still with a lot of pizzaz, who has learned to curb her enthusiasm with impulse control in the ring and in the field, and just recently got her AKC JH. What started out as “just keeping them busy and engaged” has been a rewarding experience. (03-17-21) 

Linda Thompson

5 years ago I had just gotten a new puppy (a Biewer Terrier) and a friend of mine suggested I try dog agility and recommended Ann at CleverK9 dog training. I have owned many dogs before but never got into any dog sports with them, so I had no idea what agility was all about; however, I thought I would give it a try, thinking I would just take a short course; well, needless to say, Roxie, my dog and I fell in love with agility. Here we are now, continuing classes to perfect our skills, in not only agility but in Rally and Obedience. Just a few months ago we added a Standard Poodle puppy to our family, who we are now starting in Agility and Obedience and I am looking forward to this new adventure with her too. I can't say enough wonderful things about Ann and the CleverK9 instructors. They truly go over and beyond in helping you to understand the sport ~ they share their expertise, knowledge, experience and advice. Whether you want to go on to compete or just want to take a puppy class, Roxie and I highly recommend CleverK9. Linda Thompson 

Joan Morse

I have been training and competing with my dogs in multiple sports for over 30 years. When I relocated to the area several years ago, my search for a trainer luckily brought me to Ann and Clever K9. Ann is talented, knowledgeable, and very patient with all her students. She has a practical solution to any training difficulty and her critiques are always delivered with a smile and friendly words. She has helped me bring out the best in my very active, silly female Beardie and is now helping me get my new puppy off to a good start. I have also taken classes with several of her other instructors and was never disappointed. I strongly recommend Clever K9 for all your dog training needs.

Cindy Rosa

Some people see a therapist for their mental health. I spend the better part of my day most Mondays with Ann Marie Scripko training my dog. It’s my escape from life’s troubles and chaos. My dog and I always have a positive experience and are treated kindly and with respect. Ann is very patient and generous in sharing her invaluable knowledge with all her students. In the six plus years we have been with Ann, we have gone from never having competed in Obedience or Agility - to walking our way up the title chain. Competition was not a priority - we never stepped into the ring for two years, even though we were more than ready. We are competing at the Masters level in Agility and ready to compete Open in Obedience and training for Utility. Ann always gave us the same time, attention, and level of instruction as her more serious students. Ann, I appreciate and respect you more than words can say. Thank you.


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Nancy Borga


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ann Scripko for her wonderful teaching skillsIn the past 2 months my son Mike has had the opportunity to compete at 3 high pressure agility events. Junior Nationals,Invitational's, and Westminster. At 17 years old he performed with confidence and a well thought out plan. Not one of these venues presented a challenge that he was not prepared for.Leading up to these events, Ann prepared Mike and other competitors who were attending. She taught them the specific skills needed to perform and WIN. Most recently she prepared the competitors heading for Westminster. She made it her business to make sure our dogs were prepared for the environment, and she made sure we knew what to expect.Ann has trained Mike and I exclusively from the very beginning. She is always patient and kind. Ann takes great pleasure in watching her students succeed. She has a gift for training dogs, that is true, but her true gift is teaching people.Thanks to you, Ann, the Borga family has been on one wonderful ride.Nancy, Mike, Mikey, Kasha, Mitsy, Kairos and Nova

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Avery Woodard


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