Small or Tall....We Train Them All

Pet Training Classes


Tuesdays 9:45-11:00 am AKC Rally Novice, Intermediate, Advanced , EXCELLENT(TEACHING RALLY CLASS) w/ Jill Bergmann $75  This class will teach all of the AKC novice, Intermediate,advanced and Excellent. Rally signs, rules, handling tips, how to read course maps, and running Novice and Intermediate and Advanced courses 8 DOG LIMIT

Tuesdays 11:30-12:30 pm AGILITY FOR FUN ( Foundation agility for fun basics) w/ Jill Bergmann $75 This class is a continuation of a fun foundation class to introduce you and your dog to the fun world of agility. You will learn basic handling skills, and all the foundation steps to get started playing in agility. Recalls, jumping, contact training, waits are all incorporated. Please bring a crate for your dog. 6 DOG LIMIT MASKS MUST BE WORN

TUESDAYS 4:45-5:45 BASIC BEGINNERS OBEDIENCE CLASS(DOGS COME ON WEEK 1 SINCE THIS IS SHORT SESSION) with JILL BERGMANN $90  - This class is for dogs 7 month or older that have had no previous training. All the basic skills will be taught in this class. You will learn how to train your dog to Sit and Down on command, to Come when called, Stay when told, Walk nicely on a loose leash without pulling and getting and keeping your dog’s Attention. The purpose of this class to having your dog become a welcomed and mannerly dog not only in your home but when they are outside in public with you. This class is ideal for an adopted, rescued or fostered dog. This class is NOT geared to dealing with dogs that display any signs of aggression towards any person or dog (which would include continuous barking) that disrupts the group setting. MASKS MUST BE WORN

6PM -7PM -ADVANCED BEGINNERS with Jill Bergmann $90 - This class is for dogs that have completed a Puppy or Basic Beginner Class. You will teach your dog how to react faster and more reliable to your commands. We will work on stays, loose leash walking recalls with added distractions and more. 

(FAll Session starts 10/12)

Wednesdays 5:15-6:15 Puppy Kindergarten ( AKC Puppy Star ) w/ Laura Rixham $16

WEEK ONE NO DOGS. HANDLERS ONLY. This class is for puppies from 8 weeks to around 6 months old; This class will get your puppy started on basic obedience. Your puppy is like a sponge at this age and it is great time to shape learning behaviors and teach basic skills they will need the rest of their lives. We will cover sit, down , leave it, off, loose leash walking, name game, come and various attention games. The focus on this class is to teach the puppy how to learn positive behaviors and pinpoint possible future issues, and address them now. Puppies will be tested for the AKC Puppy Star Certification on week 6. Please bring a flat buckle collar for your dog, 6 foot leash, and human treats cut into small pieces such as: uncooked hot dogs, string cheese, pieces of steak etc. 8